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Mary Collette Rogers has been in the healthy cooking and eating field for over 15 years.  She came to this area after several years as a commercial attorney and MBA candidate.  It was an introductory business course on computer databases that gave Mary the idea for her first product, a meal management software program called Dinner!, designed to simplify and speed the daily meal making routine.

While developing Dinner!, she and her children suffered a serious health crisis caused by food allergies.  She was forced to completely revamp her family’s diet, a challenge she met successfully with the the “KitchenSmart strategies” Mary developed to increase efficiency in the kitchen and replace stress with success at mealtimes.  

Mary is very energetic and shows her passion for cooking and organization in her talks.  What a great source of information!  

Shelby, workshop participant

After incorporating these strategies into Dinner!, and hoping to introduce the KitchenSmart strategies to non-computer audiences, Mary turned to writing, first a high school instructional guide and then Take Control of Your Kitchen.  

She is now moving past her initial healthy eating roots to support those visionaries and leaders working to reestablish food, farming, cooking and the kitchen as valued and respected parts of our culture.  To this end, she offers kitchen coaching and classes on healthy cooking and sustainable eating, in the hope of sharing her practical KitchenSmart habits and tools so busy people everywhere can enjoy wonderfully delicious and nourishing meals.  


Mary also inspires audiences with her enthusiastic talks.  She has given presentations for Kaiser Permanente, Boulder Community Hospital, the City of Boulder and First Community Church, among others, and has made several guest appearances on Denver’s CW2 and Fox stations.   


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