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My good eating journey has been unfolding for over 30 years, beginning with my tinkerings in the kitchen of our farm house, where I learned ways to prepare all the fruit grown in the North Fork Valley, as well as the meats from our animals and the vegetables from our wild garden.  Diet for a Small Planet opened my eyes to the power of our food choices, clear back in the 70s.   

Since then, I’ve blimped out on Southern biscuits and gravy, battled the sugar demons, been a vegetarian, checked out food combining, run roughshod over the satisfaction meter on countless occasions, threw cooking out the window while pursuing a corporate life, and stressed myself silly trying to nurse two small children back to health through nutritional therapy.

But every hardship brought good things:  creating a friendly kitchen where feeding kids for wellness is easy; stressless-ly accommodating food allergies, raising two vegetable-loving kids, experiencing the heady joy of soul-satisfying foods and the blessed wellness that comes from a wholesome diet, experiencing the rightness of balanced eating, having my eyes opened to the Technicolor world of whole and natural foods, and catching a glimpse of enlightenment while chopping onions

Mary Collette Rogers has been in the healthy cooking and eating field for over 20 years.  She came to this area after several years as a commercial attorney and MBA candidate.  An introductory business course on computer databases gave Mary the idea for her first healthy eating product, Dinner!, a meal management software program to simplify and speed the daily meal making routine.

While developing Dinner!, she and her children suffered a serious health crisis caused by food allergies.  She had to completely revamp her family’s diet, a challenge she met successfully with the KitchenSmart strategies that later became the basis for the Whole Kitchen Way.  Mary wrote about these strategies in her book, Take

A Quick Profile

Mary is very energetic and shows her passion for cooking and organization in her talks.  What a great source of information!  

Shelby, workshop participant

Health and nutrition classes and counselling often focus on what we’re supposed to eat.  My classes focus on how to actually begin eating that way, day in and day out.  

Take the simple admonition to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Everybody knows we should eat 5 to 9 servings a day, but only 10% of us actually do!  That’s why my work is all about taking the experts’ advice out of our heads and putting it on the table—in the form of deliciously wholesome meals.    

A Fresh Take

“Healthy eating” has become a pretty convoluted and confusing subject.  What ordinary person can keep up with which fats are good and which are bad, the dangerous levels of salt in pancake mix and chicken, the amount of sugar lurking in your ketchup and which foods have high amounts of Vitamin B, or antioxidants, or flavanoids, or phenols, or . . .  

Maybe food statistics have outlived their usefulness and it’s time to move beyond eating by numbers.  Over the years, I’ve discovered that

This fresh perspective on eating permeates my works and hopefully gives clients and participants a sense of hope that they can gain mastery and comfort with eating well.   

Been There, Done That

My talks and coaching come from the trenches (see the sidebar to the right.)  Most of the feelings and frustrations a person can have about food, I have experienced.  If there is a new food or diet or eating approach that a participant wants to know about, there is a good chance I’ve dabbled with it.  This gives me a fair amount of understanding and makes my talks more personal than academic.    



When it comes to eating well, the thoughts we bring to the table are as important as the food we put on the table.  That’s why my work shares helpful attitudes in addition to practical skills and tools.  

Seeing a Bigger Picture

Eating brings us a unique opportunity.  Every day of the week, three times a day, we can make choices with our food choices.  Those choices have the potential for making a hugely positive impact, not only on our individual health, but on the health of our communities, the earth and our fellow travellers on the planet.  My classes and consultations share this exciting potential and how humble food and daily cooking are vibrant parts of a bigger whole.  


As important as knowledge, skills, tools and attitudes is the motivation to change.  Clients have told me that my greatest strength lies in sharing the joy of food so that others feel inspired to head to the kitchen and get cooking.  I hope you’ll be inspired to join one of my classes or programs!

Educating and inspiring transition school teens to eat well on their own.  

Here is some additional information about the perspectives and approach to food and eating that I bring to the table as a writer, speaker, teacher and kitchen coach:  

In Case You’re Curious

Control of Your Kitchen, the guide to organizing, simplifying and setting up the kitchen for easy, enjoyable and healthful meal making.  

In addition to her book, Mary offers kitchen coaching and classes on healthy cooking, in the hope of sharing her practical strategies, habits and tools so busy people everywhere can enjoy wonderfully delicious and nourishing meals.  She also inspires audiences with enthusiastic talks at venues ranging from Kaiser Permanente, Boulder Community Hospital and Covidien, to the City of Boulder, First Community Church, and several guest appearances on Denver’s CW2 and Fox stations.   

Mary is now expanding her healthy eating roots to support those visionaries and leaders working to reestablish food, farming, cooking and the kitchen as valued and respected parts of our culture.  To that end, she is excited to share her Whole Kitchen Way, the first comprehensive and integrated program for creating supportive kitchens where it’s easy to make meals that support our health and the health of the planet.


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