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With over 30 years of experience in the kitchen, Mary Collette offers a wide range of classes on just about everything there is to know about everyday meal making.  Whether it’s making meals with a little sparkle, trying a new ingredient, building confidence as a cook, getting healthier meals on the table or being green in the kitchen, Mary is a born teacher who loves to share her knowledge.

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Conducting Heart-Healthy Class sponsored by Eating Well Magazine and Wild Oats Markets.  

From pre-teens to seniors, Mary successfully engages audiences of all ages

“I went to another class a year ago, but it was not interactive.  I like the way you allow us intimate contact with the cooking process—tasting as we go, giving different options, talking about ingredients, smelling and touching.  

Class was also very inspirational. It got me to make tilapia, which I had always wanted to do.  I also got confidence to try more expensive ingredients, and use them successfully so I’m not wasting.  

I liked your informal teaching style.  I don’t feel like just a student, but more a part of the action and I get to ask my questions.  I really liked all the information on ingredients.”

Mary, Heart Healthy Class



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Green & Healthy Cooking

Feeling frustrated, annoyed or discouraged about mealtimes?  What if those aren’t just random symptoms, but indicators of a bigger problem–like a broken kitchen?  New Kitchen classes offer an holistic, “Whole Kitchen” approach to meal-making, revealing the interconnected web of skills, tools, knowledge, mindsets and motivation which come together for meal making that’s as easy and successful as it is enjoyable and wholesome.

“Exactly the kind of class I had been looking for!”

Class participant, May 2010

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How to Chop an Onion, Cook with Millet or Make Fast Thai Food

Mary’s mission is simple:  teach average home cooks a few basic tricks and perspectives so cooking is not intimidating but fun, creative and entirely doable.  Classes are focused on dishes that are fast enough for weeknights, that use wholesome, real ingredients and that are interesting to both make and eat.  Do-as-you-learn class format:  Participants bring their own ingredients and go home with dinner.  No need to worry about what’s for dinner tonight!

These classes follow the same approach as the Everyday Cooking Classes, but they are delivered in a teleclass format that brings cooking instruction right to your home, right at dinnertime.  No need to squeeze a cooking class into your busy schedule.  Learn right as you make dinner!   

Here’s an interesting twist on a dinner party:  Invite your friends over to cook and learn about a new and healthful dish with Mary Collette.  Get-togethers can be demonstration-style or hands-on, just an entree or a complete meal.  All classes are fully interactive with opportunities for testing techniques, asking questions and tasting as we go.  When the cooking is over, everyone shares a delicious meal.  Great for old friends or for getting to know your neighbors or build teamwork among co-workers.        

Learn Something New without Leaving Your Kitchen

Because There’s More to Cooking Than Just Cooking

Don’t worry if mealtimes are stressful and it’s hard to make the kind of meals you really want to be eating.  You’re just not set up for easy meal making!  These classes show how to set up your kitchen and set up your time so good meals are no problem.  Get KitchenSmart and get meals on the table that aren’t the same old boring things night after night and that are deliciously wholesome, fast, fun and economical.   

Have Fun with Friends in a New Way

Mary is a 30-year kitchen veteran who loves to experiment with and introduce others to new foods and tastes.  Author of Take Control of Your Kitchen! and the Dinner! software program, she has been in the healthy eating and cooking business for over 15 years.  As a speaker for many years, Mary has plenty of experience conducting friendly, practical and informative cooking classes in many venues, including instruction at Wild Oats Markets for nearly two years.  

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Everyday Cooking Classes

Cooking Teleclasses

The KitchenSmart Series

Cooking Get-Togethers

About Instructor Mary Collette Rogers

“The Farmers Market never ceases to be a source of inspiration, joy–and heavenly food.”

“It was impressive to see you there in Wild Oats on Tuesday night in the way that you were relating to everyone while you are cooking.  Carrying on conversations while cooking is a challenge for me.  Thank you for the good tasting crepe!


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Everything to Make Vegetables a Fun, Frequent, Delicious Part of Your Life

Kitchen Coach and Vegetable Queen Mary Collette Rogers will help you develop the innate “Vegetable-Sense” so it’s second nature to cook with vegetables and make them a delightful cornerstone of your life.  

I gotta start eating more vegetables.  Is that what you’ve been telling yourself?

The Vegetable a Month Club is for anyone who has hoped and wanted to eat more vegetables but has procrastinated, hemmed, hawed and otherwise avoided making the leap.

Vegetable a Month Club

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