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After signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the phone number and access code for the teleclass.  Simply call the conference line on class day, enter the access code and you’ll join the call, where we can all hear each other and ask questions.

You will receive another email a couple days in advance with the recipe(s) and a shopping list, including buying notes for unusual ingredients.  Before class begins, be sure to get all the necessary ingredients.

Although not absolutely necessary, I suggest you have a headset for your phone or use a speaker phone so both hands are free for cooking.  A clip for attaching cell phone to waistband is also recommended    

Because the teleclasses move quickly it’s important to take 5-10 minutes before class to pull out the ingredients and equipment you need.  Occasionally, there may also be some advance preparation required to make class go more quickly and smoothly for everyone.  Any advance preparations will be explained in the recipe.  

Once the conference call begins, simply join in and cook.  I’ll talk everybody through the recipe, you ask questions as we go along, before you know it, dinner will be done!    

CLASSES:  Cooking Teleclasses  

What’s Up?  

Easy As 1-2-3  

Representative Recipes  

Kitchen camaraderie

fun new recipes

step by step guidance

answers to cooking questions

. . . plus a healthy, tasty dinner, all at the same time!

Join Mary Collette Rogers—in your own kitchen—and cook something new and different for dinner tonight

Cooking classes delivered over the phone so you can have cooking instruction right in your home, right at dinnertime.  No need to squeeze a cooking class into your busy schedule.  Learn right as you make dinner.  Truly convenient and creative cooking help for the kitchen weary!   

The Teaching Approach  

Same as the Everyday Cooking Classes:  “Green” and Seasonal Cooking . . . International Flavors. . . How to Cook Vegetarian Meal . . .Healthy Eating How-To . . . Tasty Side Dish Suggestions. . . Click Here to Learn More

About the Recipes  

Again, the same as the Everyday Cooking Classes. . . Click Here to Learn More

How Do Cooking Teleclasses Work?  


Location  In your own kitchen!

Dates and Times See Calendar for public group teleclass times.  To arrange private and semi-private teleclasses email or phone toll free:  (877) 394-1258

Class Length

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Fees, Location & Other Details

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“The recipe was fabulous!  I wasn’t so sure when I saw it, but it turned out so good and my family loved it!  We actually got something new and different on the table.”  

“Class was a so much fun.  And I was surprised at all the unexpected bits of knowledge I picked up as we cooked.  I never thought there could be so many interesting and helpful things to learn.”  

“This concept is really good.  Unusual but good.  I liked having a class right in my own kitchen that helped me address my own issues.  And it helped me try some new dishes that looked good when we were done and that we really enjoyed.”


1. Print out the recipe and shopping list from your email

2. Stop by the grocery store for the ingredients

3. Dial into our group cooking line, strap on your headset, and cook along with Mary’s step-by-step instruction

If you’re tired of cooking the same old things, want healthier meals or wish you had more mealtime help, this cooking group is for you!

Same as the Everyday Cooking Classes:  Fast. . .Lots of Vegetables. . . A Flavor Adventure. . . Confidence-Building Basics. . . Click Here to Learn More



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