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“I’m no longer afraid of dinner time.  When my kids were young, it was so nerve wracking, racing in the door with a half hour to get dinner on the table.  Now that I’ve learned how to cook my attitude is a lot different.  I am trying new ingredients and recipes—and even making up a few things on my own.  I just bought my first ham hock for a bean stew—something I would have never done before.  But now, making dinner is an experience—something I can enjoy.”   

Jann K.

CLASSES:  Everyday Cooking Classes  

Build Confidence and Comfort in the Kitchen,

Open the Door to Fun and Creativity at Mealtimes

and Get Dinner on the Table

All at the Same Time!

Mary’s mission is simple:  teach average home cooks a few basic tricks, skills and perspectives so cooking is not intimidating but fun, creative and entirely doable on a busy schedule.  Classes are focused on dishes that are fast enough for weeknights, use wholesome, real ingredients and are interesting to both make and eat.

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Private Classes  $65/hour

Group Classes  $50/class (1 to 1 ½ hour each)

Corporate/Organization Classes:  By arrangement

Location  Classes are generally held in Mary’s kitchen in central Boulder, although she will teach at other locations by arrangement.

Dates and Times See Calendar for public group class times.  To arrange private and semi-private classes email or phone toll free:  (877) 394-1258

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