Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Scott

Grazing Away the Hours:  How Can I Eat Better at Work?

The Hope:  “I wish I could eat better at work.”  

The Story:  Scott is a computer guy:  Sits at a screen all day, thinks up incredible software solutions and, after an hour or so, gets antsy and bored.  So he grazes, and as we all know, grazing adds up.

After some investigation we traced Scott’s grazing back to lunchtime.  Understanding the dangers of fast food lunches, he has always shied away from the “out-to-fast-food-lunch” crowd.  Good move.  But lacking a decent option back at the office, he found himself out to pasture—grazing.

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  Tracing things back a little farther, we found that Scott’s lunch problem stemmed from an unlikely source:  Disarray in his kitchen.  Seems he had no problem making a good lunch, but the kitchen counters and cupboards were overrun with dishes and clutter and the frig was overstuffed.  There was no way to store or assemble lunch fixings.  

So we got busy and reorganized, de-cluttered and rearranged his kitchen to create a handy lunch making station.  We also investigated some healthy + convenient lunch options at the grocery store that made things even easier and more interesting.