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Would you like to get together with old friends, get to know new neighbors or build team spirit at work?  Here’s a unique way to do it:  Host a cooking get-together.  Mary Collette conducts the show, demonstrating how to cook or getting everyone involved, whatever best suits your crowd.  

There are plenty of opportunities for testing, tasting and asking questions as we go.  At the end, everyone shares a delicious meal.   

What’s a Cooking Get-Together?

How Does It Work?

What a fun, low pressure evening!  The menu was a good balance between familiar and adventurous, plus something kids would actually eat.  And the cooking demo was helpful, too.  My friend Erika even wound up buying a zester!  A great way to get together, and by the way, many of the ladies hung around for quite a while after.

Sue H.

Above:  Erika learning to use a zester.

Left:  Having fun with Sue’s neighbors.

The Details

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A Cooking Get-Together is an easy party to host.  Sign up and you get:

* Note: Consistent with Mary’s mission to make everyday eating interesting but also doable, the menus feature dishes that are intriguing but still simple enough for everyday cooking.  

** Note:  The quality of ingredients is critical to the success of each dish and the event itself.  Accordingly, Mary does require that the shopping list be followed closely and that good quality products be purchased.  Mary is happy to do the shopping with or for you for $50 per hour (and most trips can be done in 1 to 1½ hours)

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Number of People  Up to 10


Entree only:  $20/per person, $200 minimum

Entrée + 2 Sides:  $30/per person, $240 minimum

Deposit of 50% required at time of booking; remainder due at the event

Locations outside city of Boulder: Time and travel costs of $25 to $75, depending upon distance

Date and Time Availability  Call or email

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