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How to Beat Boredom at the Dinner Table

Discover 5 timesaving systems that make it easy to throw together treats like Roasted Garlic Pizza with Swiss Chard and Gouda

If you think you can’t cook, see how the KitchenSmart Solution takes the stress out of mealtimes and replaces it with quick, easy and nourishing meals, like Red Pepper Potato Skillet.  Even “non-cooks” can make great meals with the right foundation in place.  

How to Make Healthy Lunches:  Beating the Brown Bag Blues

Find out how LunchKards™  eliminate “morning madness” and make it easy to assemble healthy and interesting lunches before heading to work or school.  Learn about four Gourmet Wraps to add pizzazz to your brown bag.

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store  

Watch Mary demonstrate three quick ways to stretch your grocery dollar.  Use those tasty vegetable stalks, tops and stems that usually just get thrown away.  Asian Radish Skillet is a surprisingly easy and delicious idea for using up ever-cheap and ubiquitous radishes–both tops and bottoms.  

Get a Bigger Kitchen Without Remodeling

How to create spaces in places you already have

From Natural Home Magazine, September/October 2008:  “Flip through any home magazine (including this one), and you’ll find a healthy selection of sleek, spacious and orderly kitchens, their calm beauty practically irresistible. As alluring as these designer kitchens might be, however, remodeling to get one is not as pleasant a prospect. Any remodeling survivor will attest to the enormous mental and physical stress, expense and time investment that accompany a project. And even if you use the greenest materials, there’s still a good amount of environmental fallout associated with a kitchen remodel.  Is it possible to get a bigger kitchen without remodeling?”

Read on . . .to discover the most environmentally conscious remodeling choice of all:  optimizing your current kitchen!   Mary Collette introduces the three R’s of kitchen optimization:  Remove, Rearrange and Re-Create.  Plus, advice on how to separate invaluable kitchen essentials from immobilizing kitchen clutter.

What does it mean to get your kitchen under control?

A  review of Take Control of Your Kitchen explains the thinking behind the KitchenSmart organizational solution:  “It’s New Year’s resolution time, and if you’re like most Americans, an improvement in your family’s eating habits is high on the list.  But how to get there in an age when work, homework, extracurricular activities and just plain tiredness all weight against success?  Boulder Author Mary Collette Rogers has a simple answer for you, and it doesn’t include investing in cookbooks with heart-healthy meals or tips for quick preparation.  It’s just one word:  organization. “   (Reprinted courtesy of The Daily Camera.)

Can you eat both healthfully and cheaply?

It’s easier than you think.  This article shares some great tips from the experts, including Mary Collette, on how to stick to a budget without sacrificing the healthfulness of your food.  (Reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera.)

How can you make interesting meals in winter, when fresh vegetables are hard to come by?

Take a look in your pantry and get creative is the secret shared in this article.  Mary comments on taking an “expanded view of the pantry” and gives some gourmet ideas for the humble potato plus recipes for Pasta e Fagioli with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Caramelized Onions as well as Turkey Sage meatloaf with Cranberry Mustard Glaze.  (Reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera.)

How to cook when the kids are gone and the nest is empty

When the nest is empty, it’s time to spread your culinary wings to keep motivated about cooking meals that nurture.  Mary gives tips and advice on keeping up the healthy cooking spirit, even when cooking for an empty nest.  (Reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera.)


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Healthy Eating:  Have a Spoonful of Ice Cream with Your Vegetables?

Interview with Marc David, author of the Slow Down Diet.  All too often, we associate “healthy eating” with an unpleasant array of “shoulds” and “ought tos:”  I should eat my vegetables, I ought to stop eating sugar, I should watch my fat intake.  Marc takes us beyond the game of nutrition numbers and guilt trips, and answers the question:  Could a bowl of ice cream play a part in good eating and healthy weight maintenance?  

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Educational Articles


Audio Interviews with Experts

3-Minute Videos Clips

Educational Articles

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How to Take the Stress Out of Mealtimes:  Discover What Most Home Cooks Are Missing