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KITCHEN COACHING:  Is It Right for You?

Who Can Benefit From Coaching?

Practically Anyone!  Moms, dads, singles and couples; long-time cooks and new cooks; people who hate to cook and those who love it; old, young and in between.  Mary Collette is happy to help with whatever kitchen concerns you have, whether it’s simply reorganizing the kitchen, learning a few cooking basics or putting a whole new dietary approach into practice.  

The Depth of Benefit Varies  While everyone can benefit from Mary’s 30 years of experience in the kitchen, the depth of benefit can vary.  If, for instance, you want to simply reorganize your cupboards and be on your way, that is perfectly acceptable.  

Know, however, that something as simple as this can open a lot of doors besides those on your cupboards.  Delving beyond the surface clutter and orderly arrangements of your cupboards can initiate a journey to lifelong wellness, to deeply pleasurable eating, and to eating in a way that both contributes to the health of the planet and grounds and connects us to our families, friends, those who grow our food.  

It started with a box of chocolate pudding mix that she had been saving to bake someone a pie (maybe her husband.)  Fact is, she doesn’t want to be eating that sugar-and-chemical food facsimile, neither does she want to give it to her husband, and neither does she want to aid and abet anyone else eating it.  So out went the pudding.  This prompted a closer look at all the foods in Peggy’s pantry and a decision to eliminate at least a dozen or so.  The good news:  clearing made room for and opened the door to get busy and start stocking the foods she really does want to be eating:  brown basmati rice, whole wheat cous cous, raw nuts, and so on.  

Provocative Work:  The Story of Peggy

The second thing to ask, if you’re interested in delving deeper into the good eating area, is whether you’re ready—really—to begin eating a new way.  What does that mean?  Simply this:  New can’t come until a bit of old is cleared to make room for it.  So progress on the eating front will happen as you’re able to let go of the things you’re absolutely certain about, i.e., that you don’t have time, that you’re kids won’t eat anything, that you can’t cook, that you hate vegetables, that you’re too tired to cook after work, that you can’t eat meat or that you must eat meat, that cooking is only a chore and never fun, and so on and so on, fill in the blanks.  

Ready to Make Room for the New?

If you’re interested in exploring the doors that open during our work, a couple pieces of advice are in order:  First, know that this can be provocative work:  It’s not intended to be, but that’s the way it often turns out because this work brings up such new ways of thinking about food and eating.  

As an example, Peggy signed on for some space organizing services, but as we sifted through the contents of her cupboards, other “stuff” inevitably came up:  

It’s comforting to know that the work we do isn’t complicated, it simply returns us to where we’re supposed to be all along.  In that calming place, eating and meal making are pivotal, (duh!)  So anxiousness is no longer needed and healthfully delicious meals happen naturally.  

In the end, there’s not a lot you really have to do except get out of the way and loosen the tight controls and rigid expectations we bring to the table.  Remember in the movies, how runaway horses always find their way home.  That’s what we’re doing, just finding our way back to the way we were always supposed to eat.  

Getting Back to Right

Those who have experienced good coaching know that when we’re ready for change, a coach’s insight and support is invaluable, very often being the difference between achieving our hopes and continuing to slog along in the status quo.  This is especially true with the KitchenSmartSolution, since there’s nothing so terribly difficult to understand.  The only hard part lies in “just doing it,” i.e., changing our habits so it simply becomes second nature.  That part takes time, encouragement and practice, which is where a coach comes in.  

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