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How Long Are Classes?  About an hour each, plus time afterward for Q & A.

Dates and Times  Check the Calendar for dates and times.

What If I Can’t Make a Class?  Classes are recorded.  Download for free and listen whenever you have time.

Cost    $97 for all six sessions,

plus a copy of Take Control of Your Kitchen,

plus the Take Control of Your Kitchen Worksheet CD

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After just the first KitchenSmart step, Angela saw a tremendous improvement in her meals:  

“I used the Meal Inspiration Center we created to organize all the recipes I have collected from magazines.  Now I’m not only organized enough to actually cook more than once or twice a week, but I can cook dishes that I know my family really likes/loves.”

Our Guarantee

If you’ve never heard about a class like this it’s because there aren’t any!  So it’s easier to take the plunge and try something new, we offer this guarantee:

You have 6 months to put the KitchenSmart Solution into place.  If you do but don’t find that mealtimes are easier and meals are healthier or tastier–you get your money back.   

“Eye Opening”

Testimonial from  

class participant,

February ‘08

Thank you so much for the wonderful class.  I have already made changes in my kitchen. I reorganized my baking cupboard and put quite a few things in Tupperwares.  

Then, I reorganized my lazy Susan, which was a kafuffle of both gluten and non gluten things.  It's now gluten-free and has plenty of room to spare.

I also bought the Gluten Free for Dummies book, that we had in class.  What a great book. I have been enjoying your book as well.  I realize with your book and meal planning strategies, that I can use my Supper Solutions meals as my supper ideas and plan out the side dishes etc...  It's a great tool.  Thank you for the wonderful inspirations!!

Mireille Z., class participant, Organizing for a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

CLASSES:  KitchenSmart Classes  

Tired of Having the Same Old Things, Night After Night?

I’ll Show You the Formula for Creating Healthy, Fun and Inspired Meals, Everyday


The 6-Step KitchenSmart® Formula for Easy, Healthy and Inspired

Everyday Meals--Guaranteed!

What’s the #1 Mealtime Complaint?  

I’ve been a healthy eating and kitchen coach for over 15 years and without question, this is the #1 mealtime complaint I hear:

“I’m so tired of having the same old things night after night”

But boredom is hardly the only challenge we face at meal times:  

In other words, have you ever felt overwhelmed, confused and frustrated about mealtimes?  Have you ever wished you could just get things organized and under control in the kitchen?  Then you’re at the right place!

A Kitchen Chaos Expert  

I know all about challenging times in the kitchen.  I had two little children and was starting a business when I learned that my children were allergic to wheat and dairy.  Overnight, I had to figure out how to feed those little beings without PB&Js, pancakes, mac ‘n cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, pizza—and practically every other food we usually ate!  How was I supposed to feed our family without all our old standbys?  

What Is the KitchenSmart Solution?  

This was when I came face to face with dinner time boredom (we ate a lot of chicken and rice) and confusion and frustration (I spent hours at the health food store looking for food alternatives), not to mention a fair amount of chaos and weariness in the kitchen.

But here’s the good news:  I was successful!  I was able to get kid-friendly, soul-satisfying, wholesome meals on the table every day—without a lot of hassle and stress.  That’s because I discovered how to get things organized and under control in the kitchen.  That was the key to getting fun, healthful and delicious meals on the table in a hurry.  I called my system the KitchenSmart Solution.

It took me a long time to figure out the KitchenSmart Solution.  I groped along in the dark for a long time. Then I wrote Take Control of Your Kitchen!, which shares the KitchenSmart Solution step-by-easy-step.  Now I’m offering this tele-workshop so you can quickly learn what it took me 10 years to figure out and refine.  

“Eating has been an incredibly stressful experience over the past two and a half years because of my son’s medical issues. While we are still dealing with eating issues, I feel more relaxed about getting everyone fed because I have a plan and I know where things are. I also have an arsenal of strategies to help in the future as the boys become more mature eaters. Who knew that one workshop would snowball into a series of experiences that have changed my family’s health, eating habits and attitudes for a lifetime? Thanks Mary!”

Heather, mother of twin boys after attending KitchenSmart workshop

If mealtimes are frustrating, boring and tiresome, it’s likely because your kitchen is not set up for fast, stress-free and creative meal making.  I can help set up your kitchen for cooking ease, efficiency and success.  

For the last five years, I’ve been working with clients one-on-one to put the KitchenSmart Solution into place in their kitchens.  Clients pay $300 to $1000 for help implementing just one or two pieces of the KitchenSmart Solution.  I created this workshop so you can have the benefit of my experience on all 6 steps of the KitchenSmart Solution--and for a much smaller investment!  Click Here to Register

10 Reasons to Get KitchenSmart  

The Joy of Creativity  

  1. Walk into the kitchen every night and always know what you’re going to make.  No more “What’s for dinner?” blues.  
  2. If something is needed from the freezer, find it thawed in the refrigerator.  No more defrosting rock-hard chickens in the microwave.
  3. Open your cupboards and immediately find the pasta, pot, can of tomatoes or bottle of oil that you need.  No need to look three places or dodge objects falling from over-stuffed cupboards.
  4. Sit down to meals that aren’t the same old thing you had two nights ago.  If you tear out of a neat recipe from the newspaper or a magazine, see it show up on your table.  
  5. Sit down to meals that are rich in vegetables and whole grains, just like the experts advise.  No more defaulting to take out, deli foods or fast restaurant meals because there’s nothing better in the frig.  
  6. Want to implement a weight-loss diet?  Watch as your breakfasts and lunches start shaping up and contributing to your weight loss program.  
  7. Get everything you need at the grocery store in one, efficient, stress-free trip.  No more wandering the aisles wondering what to get for dinner, and no more “quick stops” to pick up forgotten items.  Best of all, no more food wasted to refrigerator rot.  
  8. Can’t make it to the store?  No worries.  Find the ideas and ingredients for healthful pantry meals within steps of your stove.
  9. Feel confident that your cupboards house good-for you snacks you and your kids.  No more worries about an out-of-control snack attack.
  10. Experience the ease and timesavings that come from using quality kitchen equipment:  knives that glide through onions, a peeler that skims off vegetable skins, a pan that sautés to perfection, and saucepans that cook rice without burning.  No more struggling to make do with the cooking tools you had in college.  

      The 6-Step KitchenSmart® Formula for Easy, Healthy and Inspired

Everyday Meals--Guaranteed!

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It may sound funny to hear the word “creativity” alongside talk about the KitchenSmart “formula.”  Formulas are great for solving math and science problems, but what do they have to do with creativity?

As odd as it sounds, the KitchenSmart organization formula actually opens the door to greater creativity in the kitchen.  The reason?  Because clutter and chaos squash creativity.  The 6 Step KitchenSmart Formula gradually introduces order and calm into the kitchen, and where there is order and calm, creativity can blossom.    

Here’s what Robin found about creativity in the kitchen:

I was experiencing a real slump in the cooking department, tired of always making the same things.  I wanted to incorporate more variety into my dinners as well as healthier meals.  Mary provided me the tools, motivation and inspiration to tackle these issues.  I created a whole new recipe book with all my old recipes as well as new ones I want to try.  So now I can expand my dinner repertoire.

Hope For the Kitchen Weary  

Wait!  6 More Reasons to Join Me!  

But, you might be saying, here’s the real problem with mealtimes:  They happen every day!  Rain or shine, 7 days a week, 3 times a day!  Just figuring out what to make can be tiring.  Add on the grocery shopping, the actual cooking and cleaning up and of course I’m “kitchen weary.”


No doubt about it.  Getting good meals on the table is probably one of the biggest—but also the most important—of all household chores.  But with the right foundation in place, we can “build” great, tasty, wholesome meals in a jiffy.Let me repeat that point because it is so important:  if your “kitchen stage” isn’t set up for a successful show, i.e., for healthy and delicious meal making, then the show can’t—and won’t—go on.  Join me in this teleseminar and learn how to streamline the kitchen, manage your cooking time and set up your kitchen stage for easy and successful, everyday cooking.  

Maybe you never thought about the role that organization plays in the kitchen.  Maybe you don’t know what it looks like to “manage your cooking time.”  Maybe the thought of instilling order in your kitchen sounds impossible or overwhelming.  

Don’t worry.  That’s what I’m here for.  I’ll walk through each step, there are handouts, there’s my book, there are lots of stories and explanations and there is plenty of time for questions.  Everyone learns and benefits from this teleseminar.  Guaranteed.  Click Here to Register     

In addition to all the strategies, tips and tools in my seminar, there are a lot of great insights and new perspectives to help you:

  1. Want a fast and sure fire rule for choosing wholesome foods for your kids?  Baffled by health claims, nutrition facts and the latest food studies?  Learn about the Simple Prescription for Good Eating.
  2. Always feel like you’re coming from behind at mealtimes?  Learn about the Proactive Approach to Mealtimes.
  3. Having trouble getting started?  Learn about the Gumption Theory.  
  4. Even with 100 cookbooks, do you still wonder what to fix for dinner each night?  Learn about the Problem with Cookbooks.  
  5. Not sure about using organization in the kitchen?  Learn why Organization is Our Best Friend for Complicated Times.  
  6. Wonder why you get bogged down trying to cook a meal?  Learn about the mysteries of Kitchen Friction.

Who Can Benefit from the KitchenSmart Solution?  

I loved Mary’s advice on how to organize meals and shopping to minimize time spent doing both.  

Her advice was clear and practical.  I’ve implemented many of her suggestions, including putting together a notebook with favorite quick recipes, and using weekly menu planning as a basis for my shopping list.   Mary helped me reach my ultimate goals of not having to run to the grocery store several times a week, eating healthier meals, and being less stressed out about dinner.

Bobbi, full-time working mother of pre-schooler

How Does a Teleseminar Work?  

If you’ve never done a teleseminar before, they are a great learning vehicle.  You don’t have to dress up or drive anywhere.  You simply pick up the phone, dial in and join the conversation.  I give the same kind of presentation that you would hear at a live conference, and you get to ask questions and hear others’ questions, just as you would at a live conference.  Better yet, because you’re in your own kitchen, you can start making changes right as we talk!

Once you register for the seminar, I give you a telephone number and code to join the call.  It will be a long-distance call, so be sure to use the free weekend minutes on your cell phone or a VOIP phone.  It is also helpful to use the headset that comes with your phone so your hands are free to take action.

When, Where and How Much?  

 The 6-Step KitchenSmart® Formula for Easy, Healthy and Inspired

Everyday Meals--Guaranteed!

I hope you’ll join me for

The 6-Step KitchenSmart® Formula for Easy, Healthy

 and Inspired Everyday Meals--Guaranteed!

Mary Collette Rogers


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