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Take On a Coach to Tame Your Kitchen

Suzanne Havala Hobbs, DrPH, MS, RD

On the Table,” syndicated column, Raleigh News& Observer and Charlotte Observer

August 24, 2006,  

Kitchen Control

A little organization goes a long way toward better meals

Food Editor Cindy Sutter reviews Take Control of Your Kitchen:  “It’s New Year’s resolution time, and if you’re like most Americans, an improvement in your family’s eating habits is high on the list.  But how to get there in an age when work, homework, extracurricular activities and just plain tiredness all weight against success?  Boulder Author Mary Collette Rogers has a simple answer for you, and it doesn’t include investing in cookbooks with heart-healthy meals or tips for quick preparation.  It’s just one word:  organization.“  Read more. . . .  (January 4, 2006, reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera)

Eating Well in Lean Times

It’s easier than you think

Find some great tips and thoughts on how to stick to a budget without sacrificing the healthfulness of your food.  (June 24, 2008, reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera)   

Cooking in the Dead of Winter

Take a look in your pantry and get creative

In this article by Food Editor Cindy Sutter, Mary comments on taking an “expanded view of the pantry” and gives some gourmet ideas for the humble potato plus recipes for Pasta e Fagioli with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Caramelized Onions as well as Turkey Sage meatloaf with Cranberry Mustard Glaze (January 9, 2008, reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera)

The Family Dinner, Revisited

When the nest is empty, it’s time to spread your culinary wings

Mary contributes tips and advice on continuing to cook well, even when cooking for an empty nest.  (September 19, 2007, reprinted courtesy of the Daily Camera)

Streamlining Your Kitchen Steps to Speed Mealtimes

Marni Jameson

At Home with Marni Jameson,” syndicated column reaching over 7 million readers nationwide.  

October 19,2006

Get a Bigger Kitchen Without Remodeling

How to create spaces in places you already have

September/October 2008

Discover the most environmentally conscious remodeling choice:  optimizing your current kitchen!   Wearing her kitchen organizer hat, Mary Collette introduces the three R’s of kitchen optimization:  Remove, Rearrange and Re-Create.  Plus, advice on how to separate invaluable kitchen essentials from immobilizing kitchen clutter.  Find out how to use your space more wisely and create the serene and spacious kitchen of your dreams.

What’s for Dinner?  Developing a Vibrant Palate

Plus Sidebar:  Dos and Don’ts for Your New Eater

Fall/Winter, 2008

The magazine with good news for baby, mom and the planet

Vegetarian Times, April 1997

Vegetarian Menus that Work When You Do

7 days of low-fat meals for busy people with clip-and-go shopping list, exciting menu plans and easy recipes

MommaSaid.net, a Forbes Best of the Web site

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Mary In the News

Odeur du Jour Pushes Writer into Pantry Panic

Marni Jameson

June 12, 2010

Marni finds humor even in a pantry with “odeur.”  Read about her journey to an odor-free pantry that’s as nice to look at as it is to use.  Includes 6 Tips for Pantry Sanity.  From “At Home with Marni Jameson,” syndicated column reaching over 7 million readers nationwide.  Marni is also the author of "House of Havoc," and "The House Always Wins" (Da Capo Press).