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Worksheet CD includes all worksheets from Take Control of Your Kitchen.  Full size printouts give plenty of room to write.  Print new meal plans and shopping lists each week

6-CD Audio Series shares the KitchenSmart solution in 6 easy steps.  Listen and do in your own kitchen.  With just one step each week, you and your kitchen will be ready in no time for Fast, Healthy, No-Hassle Cooking  

Take Control of Your Kitchen



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Take Control of Your Kitchen Description

By Kitchen Coach Mary Collette Rogers

The Book:  Step-by-Step Guide shows exactly how to get KitchenSmart and take control of your kitchen so mealtimes and easy–and even enjoyable.  

PRODUCTS:  Books, CDs & Organizers  


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Take Control of Your Kitchen Description #TCYKWorsheetCD #TCYKAudioSeries

Think you’re too busy for good meals?  Discover the KitchenSmart Solution and you can easily make great meals, any day of the week.  Get ready to have the meals of your dreams come true:  yummy, healthy, fun, something different . . . It’s yours for the asking!


By Eileen Faughey, M.A., R.D.

The Veggie Quickflip

Makes eating vegetables a piece of cake!  All the information needed to choose, store and cook vegetables is at your fingertips.  Use in the store and kitchen and enjoy wonderful, vegetable-rich meals.  Includes simple side dish recipes for more than 30 different vegetables.

Quickflip to Delicious Dinners

Anyone who has clipped hundreds of recipes and never used them will appreciate the cleverly simple Quickflip.  It transforms 10 basic recipes into 50, simply by changing a few ingredients.  Pizzas, pastas, sautes and stir fries get instantly transformed from Greek to Asian to Moroccan and more.  Perfect for health-conscious people without much time Beginners or experts, learn to create easy meals with lots of variety.  

By Eileen Faughey, M.A., R.D.

By Eileen Faughey, M.A., R.D.

About Eileen:  Through her company, Nutrition Connections, Eileen has been providing nutritional counseling to individuals and corporations for over 20 years

Holiday Organizer:  Keep all Your Holiday Recipes Handy and Safe

Maybe you've had the frustration of losing your turkey roasting instructions–with all your notes about whether an aluminum foil tent really works, how long to cook it in your persnickety oven, how much stuffing to make, and so on.  Or maybe you're wishing you could find a sweet potato recipe to match the one you made a couple years ago--and then lost.  

Organizer notebook is all ready to safe keep your favorite recipes--and anything else worthy of remembering in connection with holiday celebrations.  Includes seven starter recipes.  Developed  for my Holiday Cooking Series as featured on Fox 31, they're healthy, straightforward, tried, tested and declared to be winners.  

* Buy just the Recipe Pak Just $2.95 (+ tax; electronic version)

* Or buy the whole notebook, with dividers, pockets, recipes and organizing tips Just $14.95 (+ S&H and tax; hard copy recipes)  

Sure you could make an organizer on your own, but if it's one of those things that probably won't ever happen, consider buying the darn notebook all put together.  You just start adding recipes.  Next year, you'll be happy you did.

Includes Severn Great Starter Recipes:

Vegetable a Month Club

Kitchen Coach and Vegetable Queen Mary Collette Rogers will help you develop the innate “Vegetable-Sense” so it’s second nature to cook with vegetables and make them a delightful cornerstone of your life.  

I gotta start eating more vegetables.  Is that what you’ve been telling yourself?

The Vegetable a Month Club is for anyone who has hoped and wanted to eat more vegetables but has procrastinated, hemmed, hawed and otherwise avoided making the leap.