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An educator at heart, Mary Collette Rogers loves to share information that not only empowers participants to take control of their food lives but inspires them to get started now!


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of a wholesome, nurturing diet?  

Yet for many of us, something gets in the way:  Is it lack of confidence in the kitchen? Confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not?  Kitchen chaos?  Lack of time?  Low energy?  An aversion to grocery shopping?  Misleading marketing babble?

After years of observation, it’s clear these are all obstacles.  Mary’s talks help participants explore these practical barriers to good eating as she:

Mary helps participants see that healthy meal-making is not only easy.  It is a valuable and worthwhile use of our time—good for us and the planet.  

Presenting” What’s Snackin’” with Dr. Debby Hamilton (left) at Rallysport Health Club.  Participants compared snacks on the “Healthy Snack Continuum,” then tasted “Easy Slow Cooker Applesauce” plus several nutritious snack ideas using applesauce.  

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Congratulations, Mary, on your great book-signing Thursday night at Boulder Book Store.  You're an excellent speaker, and you did a super job of showing the connection between sustainable agriculture and making order out of chaos in our eating, shopping, and cooking. I'm enjoying reading the book, especially the section on kitchen attitude!

Gail Storey
Author of novels The Lord's Motel

and God's Country Club

Mary is interested in speaking with groups that want to learn more about how to make healthy eating happen, everyday!

Presenting lunchtime seminar at Covicient: ”If It Works in the Workplace, Then Why Not at Home?” Participants learned how the power of organization is the secret for taking stress out of mealtimes.

Conducting quick, everyday dinner cooking  class at Wild Oats Markets:  Bistro Beans.  Participants learned six ways to use beans to pack nutrition and flavor into meals.  

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