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Take Control of Your Kitchen introduces the KitchenSmart solution, the secret for making great everyday meals in a hurry.  

Most home cooks don’t know that there’s more to cooking than just cooking, but it’s true:  Half of the cooking process happens before we even start chopping, dicing and frying!  This unique kitchen guide reveals the critical “pre-cooking” steps that guarantee cooking success.  

If you’re stuck in the “no-time-to-cook” rut, it’s time for the fresh solutions in this book.  With enthusiasm, authority and understanding, Mary Collette Rogers shows how to organize your kitchen, manage your cooking time, and take a proactive approach that will make your eating ideals come true:

Tired of cooking?

Tired of having the same old things, night after night?

Wish your meals could be healthier?  

"I love it! This Take Control of Your Kitchen is very unique because it is so comprehensive and focuses on topics/areas (like meal planning) for which there are few (practical) resources "out there."  I especially liked the Meal Idea List which I have used to organize all the recipes I have collected from magazines.  A big difference in my kitchen is that I'm now not only organized enough to actually cook more than once or twice a week, but cook dishes that I know my family really likes/loves."

Angela C.

"As a busy woman with a young son and a business to run I find Take Control of Your Kitchen is one of the most valuable guides on the planet! I suggest you get one for your home and make your life and your healthy meal preparation much simpler."

Peggy McColl

 Author of Your Destiny Switch

“In this fast-paced world where everyone wants to eat well but has no time, Mary Rogers comes to the rescue.  Take Control of Your Kitchen is as practical and insightful as it is warm and wise.  Containing strategies, planning guides and true life examples, this book will help even the busiest families restore the kitchen to its rightful place as the heart of the home!”

Nava Atlas, author of The Vegetarian Family Cookbook and other classic vegetarian titles  

At last, a tool I can unconditionally recommend to my clients and readers!  It represents the approach I use in my kitchen but have never been able to share with clients.  With organizational prowess, Mary Rogers provides a set of easy-to-use strategies that delivers the goods:  You maximize your time while building your health.  Take Control of Your Kitchen is a must read for anyone wanting to take control of their health and their kitchen.

Cheryl Townsley N.D., author of bestseller Food Puzzle and other health and cooking titles

"Cooking can be a daunting and overwhelming task, let alone being organized in the kitchen.  Mary’s book puts it all into perspective and shows how to integrate user friendly ideas in getting the harmony you want during your kitchen experience.  This book really inspires in bringingout your inner chef with a smile."       

Christine Nohejl, Mountain Fresh Organics

Look Inside the Book

Table of Contents


Chapter 1:  Making a Meal Idea List

Meal Planner Activity Sheet

Equipment Essentials Checklist

Simple Sidedish Guide

Guiding Thought:  We Do Have Time to Become Kitchen Smart

Easily print out a fresh shopping list, meal planner or meal idea list whenever needed.  Worksheets are sized for letter-sized paper so they’re easy to read and have more room for writing.  Set includes all of the worksheets from Take Control of Your Kitchen, including   

Meal Idea List and Expanded Meal Idea List

Equipment Buying Guides and Checklists

Pantry List and Master Pantry List

3-4 Day Meal Planner

Pantry Reminder List

Big Shopping List

Weekly Planner

6-CD set includes handouts and full inspiration and guidance on taking control of your kitchen.  Sessions average 50 minutes.

Session 1:  Laying the Foundation for Fast, Fabulous and Healthy Fare

Session 2:  Getting in the Plan-Ahead Habit

Session 3:  Pantry Magic for the Dinner Weary

Session 4: Gadgets Galore:  What’s Necessary, What’s Not?

Session 5: Smooth out the Speed Bumps in Your Kitchen

Session 6:  Get ListSmart and Get Out of the Grocery Store—Quick!

Get out of your rut!  Learn to make meals that are Fun, Fresh, Inspired & Delicious

Get over guilt!  You can have Meals That Meet Your Eating Ideals—every day

Get out of the grocery store!  Learn Strategies to Save 30-60 Minutes a Week at the Grocery Store

Get rid of stress!  Set up a KitchenSmart® Cooking Space and enjoy smooth and efficient meal-making

The 6-Step KitchenSmart® Formula for Easy, Healthy and Inspired Everyday Meals--Guaranteed!

After reading Take Control of Your Kitchen there is no doubt that our overall diet has improved.  I think we always knew the kinds of foods that were good for us, but translating this into practice has always been a challenge.   Your book helped us to prioritize the planning component of cooking.  By having a plan of what we want to eat, we found that we would buy the food specific to that meal for the week.  This eliminated the fear of buying a lot of perishable food because we knew it would be used.  On the flip side, when the plan was 'no plan', we ended up buying food that had a long shelf life not knowing when it would be eaten.  This translated to an overall less healthy diet.  Your book has been an inspiration to us in so many ways.

Rob and Lianne

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Take Control of Your Kitchen

Tips, Tools and Strategies to Make Everyday Cooking Easy

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Take Control of Your Kitchen

Worksheet CD

Filled with practical Activities, Helpful Hints, Real Life Stories and Resource Guides to build comfort and confidence in the kitchen

Lively and engaging format bring fun and creativity to cooking

Take Control of Your Kitchen

Audio Series


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I was smitten with Take Control of Your Kitchen at first sight. This cheerful book is full of tips and tools - including helpful photos taken in real-world kitchens - to coach people on how to simplify everyday home cooking and meals. It's the practical "how to" guide that everyone is looking for and no one can find.  I highly recommend it."

Suzanne Havala Hobbs, DrPH, RD

Director, Doctoral Program in Health Leadership

School of Public Health

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill