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“This is exactly the class I was looking for”   

Karen, mother of 2

CLASSES: The Whole Kitchen Way® to Wholesome Meal-Making  

6-Class Series Offers

a Whole New Approach to Healthy Cooking and Eating

Who Can Benefit From Whole Kitchen Classes?

What Do Classes Look Like?

There's so much more to cooking than just cooking.”  Does that make sense?  It might not, since many of us don't know that chopping, mixing and frying comprise only 30 to 60% of the meal making process.  Which is why we can spend 30 to 60 minutes in the kitchen but achieve only 30 to 60% success. It’s also why Whole Kitchen Classes are cooking classes + a whole lot more.   

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re unable to make satisfying meals, you’re probably just overlooking some critical pieces of the kitchen puzzle.  Don’t be discouraged.  Simply put the Whole Kitchen pieces into place and watch the meals of your dreams start showing up.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.*

Is This Really Hard?

The Whole Kitchen Way is straightforward and easy to understand.  Far from being hard, it is freeing.  Finally, you can begin confidently investing in long term solutions that set you up for easy everyday meal making.  No more tips and band-aids that only mask but don’t really solve your meal time problems.   

A puzzle is the metaphor used to explain the Whole Kitchen approach.  Just understanding that there are many pieces to the healthy meal making puzzle is a huge first step.  It’s followed by learning about each puzzle piece so you can click them into place in your kitchen.

With the puzzle pieces in place, voila!  Good-tasting and good-for-you meals are entirely manageable!  

The Kitchen Puzzle

Hold on to your hats; Whole Kitchen classes cover a lot of territory.  They are centered around one or two recipes highlighting the series’ seasonal vegetables and building block cooking skills.  But many smaller topics are woven throughout, e.g.,new ingredient info, vegetable storage tips, using leftovers, green cooking ideas, minor cooking skills like citrus zesting and speedy spinach washing, time and money savers.  

Sample Class Lineup from May and June

Themes: Spring & Early Summer Spinach, Asparagus and Snap Peas

and the Frying Pan Techniques

* Refund requests made before third class of series.

Your Good Eating Guide:  Mary Collette Rogers

Entering the healthy eating business was baptism by fire for Mary.  20 years ago, her two young children were seriously ill.  Food sensitivities were deemed the culprit so all wheat and dairy had to be eliminated from their diets.  Overnight!  Translated, that meant no more pizza, mac ‘n cheese, PBJs, pancakes, quesadillas, ice cream, pastries, sandwiches–in other words, 75% of what her kids normally ate.  Gone.

“What can I feed my children now,” was a daily struggle for Mary.  But after keeping her head above water for a year or two, she finally reached dry land.  Her children

Participants receive a free copy of Take Control of Your Kitchen the guide to creating a supportive kitchen for easy and healthy meal making.

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were magnificently healthy and happy.  As importantly, she had figured out how to get nurturing and delicious meals on the table, day in and day out, no problem.

Her secret to making wholesome meals in a hurry?  The Whole Kitchen Way.  Beginning as just a spark of hope in her daily mealtime struggle, she developed this wonderful system into a full-fledged path to the land of Everyday Good Eating, where meal-making is manageable, sustainable and delicious, even creative and fun.   Now 20 years later, Mary excited to share the Whole Kitchen Way with others so they too can enjoy inspired, everyday meals, easily and manageably.

Read more about Mary’s background, her book, Take Control of Your Kitchen, and her other work helping busy people everywhere enjoy wholesome, satisfying meals.     

Reference quality handouts and easy to follow recipes.

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