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CLASSES: The Whole Kitchen Way® to Wholesome Meal-Making  

A Whole New Approach to Healthy Cooking & Eating

You've heard of self-help programs to find the perfect career, make a lot of money, and find your spiritual path.  

Welcome to the first, self-help program for finding kitchen

success and enlightenment!

Take a gentle journey, at your own pace,

no stress,no high stakes cooking expectations.

Make and find peace with cooking and the kitchen,

then enjoy many happy and healthful meals.


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Where do you go

when the diet plan is over

when meal making boredom has reached painful levels

when you’re pressed for time, everyone’s starving, and you can’t think of a thing to make

when you think you can't cook, hate to cook and don't ever want to cook,

but you still want a meal that fills the craving for something cooked and tasty?

Head to the land of Everyday Good Eating,  

where good eating is simple, not a complicated math game,

where meal making is engaging, with fun discoveries all along the way,

and where eating is a natural, joyful conclusion to

creating vegetable-rich, wholesome, nurturing meals

that give health, good energy and a healthy weight.

The First Self-Help Program for Poor-Performing Kitchens:  Achieve Your Greatest Mealtime Dreams!  

Everyday Good Eating, the Whole Kitchen Way

A Whole New Approach to Healthy Meal Making

Ready for the  Meals of Your Dreams?

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