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KITCHEN COACHING:  Stories and Examples

“What excites me most is helping clients discover the joy, fun, comfort and creativity waiting in the kitchen.”

Scott: Grazing Away the Hours

“How can I eat better at work?”  

Christine: Stuck In a Rut  

“How can mealtimes be more interesting?”

Joyce: Stressed at the Stovetop

“How can I cook better?”

Sandy: Chocolate Cake Mix Cravings

“How can I deal with

chocolate binges?”

 Linnet:  Mother’s Helper

“How can I feed my family well?”

Ray:  Tired of Grocery Shopping

“How can I stay out of the

grocery store?”

Robin and Jan: Looking for Fun

“How can I cook more creatively?”

Peggy and Deborah:  Lives in Transition

‘How can my kitchen work for family (or empty nest) cooking?

Mark & Molly:  Tired of Eating Out

Linda:  New Kitchens and Remodels

“How can my kitchen be beautiful, but also functional?

Julie: Finding the Right Knife

“How do I know what equipment

to buy?”

Joyce: Inevitable Age and Vegetables

How can eat like my life

depended on it?

Alicia:  Gluten Free, Diet Plans and Weight Loss

How do I avoid falling off

the wagon after a couple weeks?  

Stories & Examples

Don’t see your story?  Don’t worry.  The KitchenSmart® Solution can be adapted to address practically any kitchen concern, whether that might be learning to eat sustainably, being more budget conscious, or whatever else might be on your mind.  

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