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Thank you so much for your excellent work with me yesterday. I really appreciate your gift as an organizer and health coach in setting up a healthy kitchen. It makes such a difference that you came into my home to see my space and talk with me about making it work for my needs. I have re-arranged my pantry and dish-space to follow my new plan. It makes so much more sense to me now.

Liz, after discovering the missing link between

organization and healthy eating

"Thanks so much for coming over and cooking with me and my kids.  My brain had really shut down and I couldn't come up with any ideas for meals.  You really put a key in the door and opened me up to all sorts of possibilities that I never would have thought of on my own." 

Cheryl, mother of preschoolers

It was fun to get my kitchen in order, and it really made things easier.  After reorganizing my drawers and cupboards, I wasn’t moving around the kitchen so much to get a meal together.  

I also feel like things are purposeful now.  Before they were so random.  I would do all this walking back and forth, but it was just taking up time.  It wasn’t solving my problem and wasn’t getting the dinner made.  Now, I know right where to get what I need and it makes sense.

Deborah , mother of two

It would take ten pages to review all the work we accomplished in Mary’s three hour visit.

The bottom line is that her genuine love for this work was inspiring. I could never get my husband or best friend to care as much as Mary did about creating a functional kitchen for me.  It is such a personal matter and it was invaluable to involve a creative professional like Mary.

Now I don't waste time searching for things and clearing off space. And to me, my kitchen looks bigger than before!

Janet, after organizing her

tiny, trailer-home kitchen

As a newly divorced dad moving into a rental house, my kitchen was in

chaos. Things ended up wherever they landed, and I had no system for my

cabinets or refrigerator. I bought Mary's book, but still found I was

having a hard time taking control of my kitchen.

So I called Mary, she came down, interviewed me about my needs and

cooking habits, and three hours later, my kitchen is a model of

organization and efficiency. Thanks, Mary, you're saving me tons of

time, plus my teenagers and their friends can help set the table and

clean up afterward, thanks to the labeling.

Ray, living on his own

As a professional organizer, my entire house is completely organized and efficient from top to bottom. However, my recipe book was a disaster and I was experiencing a real slump in the cooking department and tired of always making the same things. For some time now, I have wanted to incorporate more variety into my dinners as well as healthier meals. Mary provided me the tools, motivation and inspiration to tackle these issues.

The simple strategies she provided for healthier eating even appeal to my finicky daughter. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about hiring another organizer. Mary really listened, got a handle on my issues, and then she provided practical, easy solutions and guidance. It was a pleasurable experience and well worth the time and money."

Robin Miglarese

Clutter Queens Professional Organizers

This is a victory phone call.  We just finished the last piece of the kitchen reorganization you recommended and it is like moving into a brand new house.  It’s the biggest this kitchen has ever felt—and the most inviting and welcoming.  It is fantastic.  We are all so happy.  Thanks for your consultation.”

Susan and Scott, after reorganizing their kitchen for speed and ease

I loved Mary’s advice on how to organize meals and shopping to minimize time spent doing both--and still get healthy food on the table.  Her advice was clear and practical.  I’ve implemented many of her suggestions, including putting together a notebook with favorite quick recipes that I can use on weeknights when time is at a premium, and using weekly menu planning as a basis for my shopping list.   Mary’s advice helped me reach my ultimate goals of not having to run to the grocery store several times a week, eating healthier meals, and being less stressed out about dinner preparation.

Bobbie, mother of toddler

“Just looking at this all laid out gives me goose bumps.  I’m totally into this concept of making life easy for me.”

Robyn, upon receiving her new meal idea list:

Linnett with her new meal idea notebook and new baby




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Christine making a meal plan with the help of her meal idea notebook

Peggy going from chaos

. . . to calm

Guess what?  I did my meal plan for the week!  A few things have changed, but it’s great to have an idea of what I’m going to make. Yea!  

And, I made the recipe Polenta Rounds with Sausage & Peppers last night. I used the farmer’s market beef sausage you mentioned a few weeks ago. Wow! That was delicious! My friend Rob came over for dinner, and he was impressed w/ my cooking.

And, I’ve been making enough for lunchtime leftovers so I’m not starving.  

Christine, facing the ups and downs of cooking for one

Heather and Mary discussing how to optimize the space created by streamlining

Happy Ray with his cupboards newly organized to flow with his particular cooking style

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I thought I already had a great kitchen and was well organized and a good cook.  But having seen the amazing meals Mary cooked while camping in Canyonlands, and knowing about her book, I consulted her before beginning a kitchen remodel.  Her advice was invaluable in reorganizing my cupboards and redesigning my pantries; I'm so glad I consulted here before I even consulted a contractor!  She showed me how to make minor (low cost/no cost) modifications that saved lots of money compared to other remodel ideas I might otherwise have bought.

Mary is practical, consultative and respectful of your existing habits while offering new ideas that totally make sense.  I really feel renewed in my kitchen and recommitted to healthy, organic ingredients, which I've always favored but sometimes compromised.  Cooking is a pleasure, once again.  I'm grateful to Mary for her help, and I'm amazed at how little it costs for the result I got.

Peggy, after learning how to get a bigger kitchen without remodeling