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Everyday Good Eating

Products, Classes and Coaching to Make Everyday Good Eating Easy

Above Right:  Custom-created recipe handouts demonstrate how healthful eating can be easy and great tasting.

Left:  Class handouts include interactive activity cards, class outlines and relevant articles and book excerpts.


Everything I Need to Know about Healthy Eating I Learned from Chocolate

Health and Fitness

Working Your Core in the Kitchen

Core Skills for Fast, Healthy Meals

Treasure Hunting for Health

A Trip to the Grocery Store

Corporate Wellness

Taking the Stress Out of Mealtimes

Putting the Power of Organization to Work at Home

Getting Your 5-9

Working Fruits and Veggies into a

Busy Day

Weight Loss

The Secret to Diet Success

Setting up Your Kitchen for Success

Class Features  

Representative Topics  

SPEAKING:  Topics & Features  


Teach Your Children Well

What’s for Lunch

What’s Snackin’

Healthy Cooking and Eating

Convenience Cooking for Weeknights

Healthy Food Fast Series

Pleasurable Pizzas

One Dish Meals

Presto Pasta

Team Building

Applesauce Making and Canning

A Night for Soups and Breads


What Is Mary’s Overall Message?

What Kind of Speaking Does Mary Do?

What Are Others Saying?  

What Perspective Does Mary Bring to the Table?

What Are Mary’s Speaking Fees?

How Can I Get More Information?

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