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“Creating and providing tools, products, classes and coaching to make

everyday good eating easy.”  

That’s what Culinary Concepts, Inc. is about.  The hope is that it will contribute, even if only in a small way, to healthier people, a healthier planet, and more connected communities.  

Isn’t this something we all want:  Everyday meals that are good tasting and good for you, meals that have a little creative flair, and of course, meals that are quick and easy to prepare.  

What stands in the way? Not enough time.  Too much to do.  Confusion about what to cook, and uncertainty about what’s healthy and what’s not.  It isn’t hard to spot the challenges of everyday meal making, but now there’s a new solution:  Get KitchenSmart® and take control of your kitchen

This site is designed to help busy people get KitchenSmart and take control in the kitchen, so they can tap into the riches it has to offer.  Check out our information, products and services so you can begin enjoying the comforts of the kitchen today!   

Culinary Concepts, Inc.

Culinary Concepts was founded in 1992.  Its first products were a nationally distributed meal management and nutrition software program called Dinner! and two add-on Cookbooks on Disk: Vegetarian Express and Lifestyle for Health by longtime cookbook authors and health educators, Nava Atlas and Cheryl Townsley.  

Based on the success of the Dinner! software line, Take Control of Your Kitchen was written so non-computer users could take advantage of Dinner!’s valuable kitchen organizing tools.  Kitchen coaching, speaking services and a variety of classes were then added to further the goal embodied by the “Everyday Good Eating” logo: making daily meals a doable, flavorful, healthful and pleasurable part of our lives.

What’s Up with the Dill

Dill represents what this company is about.  Things start small:  we change just our own eating habits, bit by bit.  And we see our health and moods improve.  

Then we spread this goodness to our families. . .

And our families are seen and followed by others in the community, over time . . .

And soon, larger groups and communities begin to return to the rightness of wholesome food, grown and prepared with care

And at some point, the goodness will spread beyond to caring for the planet, seeking good food and health for every person, and maybe even peace for all some day.  


Mary Collette Rogers

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