Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Christine

Stuck in a Rut:  How Can Meals Be More Interesting

The Hope:  “I wish mealtimes could be a little more interesting.  I make the same things over and over.”

The Story:  Boredom is surely America’s # 1 problem when it comes to cooking and the kitchen.  Christine was a perfect case in point:  Although she had plenty of recipes, they weren’t much use.  Jumbled together in a disorganized heap, there was no way she could thumb through them all at 5:00 to find a new one that would work.  Even if she did, there was a 90% chance she wouldn’t have the right ingredients.

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  First we created a solid, can-do collection of meal ideas, pre-qualified for her family’s tastes, food allergies, budget, time constraints and cooking skills.  Then we organized it for easy access.  Finally, she learned to plan new dishes into her schedule so she could get the right ingredients at the store and see her new ideas become real meals on the table!  It’s ridiculously silly—how something a little new and different for dinner can add such sparkle to the day.