Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Joyce & Jann

Stressed at the Stovetop: How Can I Cook Better?

The Hope:  “I wish I could cook more things—and that cooking wasn’t so stressful.”  

The Stories:  Cooking nervousness is another route to dinnertime boredom.  Lacking confidence in the kitchen, we hesitate to venture beyond a few trusted favorites.  This was the case for Joyce.  She had about three or four standbys she cooked over and over: hamburgers, omelets, spaghetti and sandwiches.  She was disappointed, her family was bored and they all ended up eating packaged foods too much.

Jann was also intimidated by cooking, but stress and frustration were the result.  Each night, when 5:00 rolled around, panic set in as she set about making a meal that was passably healthful and decent tasting.  By the time she got something on the table, she was exhausted and drained.

KitchenSmart® Solution: There is an easy fix for both these well-intentioned cooks, i.e., acquiring a few cooking basics like how to quickly chop onions and garlic, how to sauté, roast and stir-fry, how to cook spinach without making it mushy, and so on.  A lot of people mistakenly believe it takes a culinary arts degree to put together decent meals.  Actually, with just a few basics, you’re poised to make hundreds of new and interesting dishes.  After three or four cooking classes, both displayed an amazing amount of competence and confidence in the kitchen.