Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Robin & Jan

Looking for Fun

The Hope:  I wish cooking could be more fun

The Stories:  Robin was ready to try some new recipes, but looking at one on paper, she couldn’t tell if it would taste good and be something her family would like.  Meanwhile, Jan struggled with a picky husband who wanted nothing besides meat and potatoes, literally.  Cooking to his limited tastes had taken a toll, not only on her motivation in the kitchen, but on her nutritional needs as well.  

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  Learning to tap into their intuitive, creative cooking brains proved fruitful for both Robin and Jan.  To begin with, cooking classes focused on exploring different tastes, getting used to new ones, seeing what flavors, herbs and spices went together.  This allowed them to better assess what was good and not so great about recipes—and find ones they liked.  

Eventually, we began exploring the terrain beyond recipes.  How could we vary the spices called for in a broccoli soup?  After three times making the same pasta recipe, what could be added for a little pizzazz?  If you don’t like the tomatoes a recipe calls for, what could be substituted?  

At the end of almost every class, Jan would always gush about how much fun she had had.  Who would’ve guessed that such engaging charm lay waiting in the seemingly mundane world of cooking?