Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Linnett & Christine

Mother’s Helper

The Hope:  “I want to be able to feed my family well.”

The Stories:  Linnett was a week from delivery of Baby No. 3 when panic set in at the thought of making meals with three small children underfoot.  She didn’t want to resort to takeout every night and wanted to make meals that bridged all the different tastes in her family (husband likes sauces, daughter doesn’t, son won’t eat anything mixed together, etc.)  

Christine said it best:  “It’s my job to feed my kids well and I want to do what I can.”  Of course moms feel this way—we are programmed that way!  But for Christine and Linnett, like a lot of moms, the job was made a lot more complicated by picky eaters, food allergies and lots of different schedules to juggle.  

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  Getting in the proactive, plan-ahead habit is the key to successful family meals.  Trying to make decent meals on the fly is a set up for stress, frustration and disappointment.  

For both Linnett and Christine, we started by compiling a recipe notebook, so they had the raw material for planning meals.  Then we developed plans with a wide range of meal types to cover all the different dinnertime situations that come up with young children:  super fast meals, slow cooker meals, leftover meals, healthy takeout and so on.  For Linnett, we planned an entire month’s worth of meals, which she can pick and choose from each week.  

Weekly booster sessions were also important for cementing the meal planning habit.  A booster session was also perfect for Linnett after six months, when she needed a few more kid-friendly vegetable ideas so she could continue introducing her kids to new vegetables.