Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Ray & Bobbie

Tired of Grocery Shopping

The Hope:  “I wish I didn’t spend so much time going to the grocery store.”

The Stories:  Ray knew he could save a lot of time if he didn’t have to go shopping so often.  For Bobbie, it was more about sanity.  Shopping every night with a two-year old in tow was driving her crazy!  

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  Planning ahead for mealtimes is a sure-fire way to minimize face time at the grocery store.  Helping Bobbie get into this habit helped reduce her shopping trips from every day to once a week.  

As importantly, for both her—and Ray—was setting up a pantry, a grocery shopping solution we don’t often thing of.  Before they could set up a time-saving pantry, however, we had to make room for one.  Unfortunately, their cupboards had become overrun with knick knacks, once-a-year serving dishes, garage tools, never-used cooking appliances and other what-not, to the point where they had no room for a few extra cans of tomatoes, a container of brown rice, and all the other staples that can minimize trips to the store.  With just a couple hours of organizing time, we were able to create space for a sanity-saving pantry—and make the kitchen much more efficient to boot.