Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Sandy

Chocolate Cake Mix Carvings

The Hope:  “I wish I didn’t have chocolate binges.”  

The Story:  Sandy’s story began with the usual dinnertime boredom thing, but as we worked on that issue, a far more interesting one surfaced:  Her love of chocolate cake mix batter!  (I swear she has given permission to tell this story!)  

Of course it’s not uncommon to have some secret food fetish that gives us feel-good comfort every now and then, but Sandy recognized that hers might be a symptom of something bigger that she shouldn’t ignore.   

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  We explored whether mealtimes short on comfort, pleasure and fun were leaving Sandy yearning for something more (like chocolate batter.)  Running a very successful but intense staging and training business, Sandy didn’t have a lot of time for frills at mealtimes, so we devised some super simple ways to add interest to mealtimes.  Making mealtimes a little more intriguing was a good start.  Then we brainstormed ways to slow down and put more pleasure into eating and finally, came up with more healthful options to comfort the sweet tooth.