Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Peggy& Deborah’s Stories

Lives in Transition, Kitchens That Work

The Hope:  “I want a kitchen that works.”

The Stories:  Peggy’s life was in transition.  Her son had graduated and moved out of the house—taking his hoard of hungry friends with him.  With her days of bulk buying were over, she and her husband were ready for a healthful shift in their shopping and meal making routines.  But her kitchen was still set up to feed hungry teenage boys.  The cupboards were filled with snack foods, soda cups and quick-cook meals.  Buried in inconvenient and aggravating locations were the tools and ingredients needed for basic, real foods cooking.  

Deborah faced the same problem in reverse.  Once kids arrived, she needed to begin cooking family style.  But her kitchen was still set up for couples cooking, with prime kitchen space devoted to wine glasses and wine storage, entertaining dishes and gourmet cookware.  

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  A kitchen makeover was the obvious solution in both cases.  First we opened up space by storing, donating, recycling and giving away the artifacts of Peggy’s and Deborah’s previous lives, which opened up space (both physical and mental) for the trappings of a new cooking order.  Then we rearranged the remaining foods and tools to create a smooth running support system for achieving their eating goals.