Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Mark & Molly

Tired of Eating Out

The Hope:  “We want to stop eating out so much—and stop snacking away our appetites before dinner.”

The Story:  Molly and Mark wanted to begin eating healthier meals, but it was so complicated, getting home from work, deciding what to fix, going back out to the grocery store and then coming home and finally cooking something.  So they kept ending up at restaurants, eating too much and especially too much of the wrong kinds of things.    

KitchenSmart® Solution:  Like so many kitchen woes, Mark’s and Molly’s were rooted in boredom.  With just five or six entrees in their recipe repertoire, it’s no surprise that they opted to go out rather than face the same old thing, once again.  On nights when they did try to eat in, there was nothing in the frig, nothing taken from the freezer, no plan and no jumpstarts.  Pulling something together from a dead standstill is no easy chore, so it’s little surprise they turned to snacking to stave off their hunger.    

The obvious solutions:  building Molly and Mark’s recipe collection in new, interesting and healthy directions, then getting in the plan-ahead and shop ahead habits.  With these pieces in place, they could hit the deck running when they arrived home, and quickly pull together a tantalizing meal, before the snack demons consumed their appetites.  

Less obvious solutions:  Putting a few safe-snacking strategies into place and learning how to take a familiar recipe and vary it on the fly, adding interest, creativity and fun to cooking.