Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Julie’s Story

Finding the Right Knife

The Concern:  “I don’t know if my equipment is any good.”

The Story:  Julie arrived for cooking class with her chefs knife, as requested.  Being the most important tool in the kitchen, it pays to make sure clients have one that make vegetable chopping easy, not excruciating.  Sure enough, Julie was making do with a set she had won at a raffle (and there was a reason some merchant was so willing to donate that set of knives to the raffle!)

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  After our first class, we shopped for and found a spectacular knife that has served her admirably since then.  Along the way, we discussed and checked out all the other equipment essentials that she needed for easy, everyday cooking.  As importantly, Julie learned what equipment would only end up being cupboard clutter.