Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Joyce’s Story

Inevitable Age and Vegetables

The Hope:  “I just turned 50 (or 60, or 65)—maybe it’s time I start mending my eating ways!”  

The Story:  Joyce recently retired and moved here from the Bay area to be closer to kids and grandkids.  But she’s no grandma in a rocker.  She’s a hiker, gardener and exerciser who wants to be active with her family.  So with her move she decided to ditch the pills and supplements and start eating for wellness.

KitchenSmart® Solutions:  There’s nothing like the big 5-0 (or 6-0 or 6-5) to get us thinking seriously about eating well.  For Joyce, we put a Fast-Track Vegetable Program into place, finding lots of great recipes, boning up on some vegetable cooking techniques, learning to sneak vegetables into every entree, sourcing good vegetables like the ones she remembered from her grandmother’s garden, and rearranging her kitchen so cooking wasn’t so tiring.  Most important of all, to counter her concern about falling off the bandwagon, we devised a system to keep the motivation high.