Kitchen Coaching Stories:  Alicia’s Story

Diets, Weight Loss and Falling Off the Bandwagon

The Hope:  “I want to put a new diet into place and stick with it.”

The Story:  Like Joyce, Alicia was seeing the age-related handwriting on the wall.  With health problems cropping up and weight creeping on, she was resolved to begin eating a new way.  She found a dietary regimen that worked for her, but was tiring quickly of the few meal ideas and recipe recommendations it offered.  What else could she eat, what should she buy at the store, what should she keep in the pantry, what could she feed her frequent dinner guests that would work for her, too, and most importantly, how could she avoid falling off the bandwagon?   

KitchenSmart® Solution:  The great thing about the KitchenSmart Solution is its versatility.  The same strategies can be adapted to solve a wide range of kitchen concerns.  In Alicia’s case, we created a meal inspiration notebook, but with a focus on recipes meeting the parameters of her new dietary approach.  We also made a point of finding recipes that could be adapted for visiting friends and family who wanted more normal fare.  As with all the other clients, once her recipe collection was in place, Alicia could plan meals and know just what to buy at the store and stock in the pantry.   

Meal ideas consistent with her new diet, meals planned around those new and interesting ideas, grocery shopping based on her diet-friendly meal plans, and a healthful pantry:  taken together, those elements supplied Alicia with the supportive foundation to ensure that her diet dreams would materialize and that she would be able to stick with it.