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We all deserve great, wholesome, everyday meals.  If you’re ready to begin eating a new way, let’s create a kitchen support system to get your eating dreams out of your head and on to the table.  Check out these options:

Save money by joining a group session.  Alternatively, get a 2-for-1 deal:  Assemble a group of friends, then learn and be with your friends at the same time.  Coming in January, 2009


It’s always possible to change the way you eat and make meals by just reading a book or listening to a CD.  But if you want to fast track your progress and get advice tailored for your particular circumstances, coaching is the way to go.  

To fast track your progress and get advice tailored for your particular circumstances, personalized coaching is the way to go.  

What Does a Coaching Session Look Like?  Coaching sessions begin with a conversation, lasting 1 to 1½ hours, where we identify issues, talk about hopes and objectives and then create a plan outlining which kitchen coaching services will best help achieve your eating ideals.  The remaining time is spent “in the trenches,” whether it’s help at the grocery store, reorganizing your cooking space, finding some inspiration meal ideas or getting jazzed about vegetables.  

Fees & Packages

Perfect for jump starting a new eating program, with adequate time

to tackle one or two root problems.

Provides enough additional time to cement habits for lifelong changes

Personalized Coaching

Group Coaching

Kitchen Coaching with

Mary Collette Rogers

Creating a new kitchen culture for wholesome meals, connected communities and a healthy planet


Quick Questions, Quick Answers  Buy “coach-on-call” time in hour-long blocks and use whenever you need quick advice from a kitchen expert—or maybe just some inspiration or motivation.  15-minute quick consults for times when something small comes up:


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Kitchen Coach and Vegetable Queen Mary Collette Rogers will help you develop the innate “Vegetable-Sense” so it’s second nature to cook with vegetables and make them a delightful cornerstone of your life.  

I gotta start eating more vegetables.  Is that what you’ve been telling yourself?

The Vegetable a Month Club is for anyone who has hoped and wanted to eat more vegetables but has procrastinated, hemmed, hawed and otherwise avoided making the leap.

New Group Coaching Program:  Vegetable a Month